Protocol for referrals into Ophthalmology

There have been recent changes in how to refer into UHL Ophthalmology – please see the attached  triage tool to help ascertain the level of urgency required for the referral.

The fax machine is now offline.

Emergency (same day referrals) – Send patient to eye casualty with a copy of the referral form/letter

Rapid Access Clinic (urgent referrals) within 1 to 2 weeks

Non urgent referrals (soon/routine) greater than 2

Medical Retina (Medical Retina Question pathway Doc1, Medical Retina Question pathway Doc2) referrals

Fast-track Wet AMD referrals –



You can use any format of referral form/letter BUT please ensure all referrals are emailed as an attachment and contain the following:

  • A clear reason for referral and relevant clinical findings
  • Best Corrected Visual Acuity and up to date refraction result
  • Patient contact details including current and correct phone number
  • Ensure the referral is legible when scanned from a printed sheet
  • Name and practice address of the referring optometrist.

Optometrists can use their own business email address if it is encrypted and is suitable for sharing patient identifiable and sensitive information.  An email account meets all of the relevant standards and is therefore the preferred method of sending referrals.

All of the above inboxes are monitored during opening hours and appointments are arranged depending on the level of urgency and availability. Please note: we may change the urgency of the referral once it is assessed by our clinician. 

If you want to discuss an emergency or urgent referral, please contact the eye casualty reception on 0116 258 6273.

Alternatively, to discuss a routine referral, please contact our clinical lead Optometrists:


For certain acute eye conditions/symptoms, patients can be directed to the Covid-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES)  on 0116 326 5588 to speak to an optometrist who can then determine whether the patient can be seen under CUES or if they need to visit the Eye Casualty department.

County Hospitals

County hospitals are part of the Alliance and not UHL NHS Trust. They do not have an emergency eye service, so please follow the UHL protocols for emergency eye care.

If your patient wants to be seen in one of the hospitals in the county, for the most part, please refer via the GP stating at which hospital the patient wishes to be seen.

However, please note that Loughborough hospital now has an email referral system:

Where is the Eye Casualty Department in UHL ?

The Eye Casualty department is based in the Windsor Eye Clinic, Windsor Building, Level 1 at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Eye Casualty Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday – 08:30 to 16:30

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays – 8:30 to 12:30

Outside these times emergency patients can attend the main Accident and Emergency Department and will be referred to the on-call eye team if necessary.