Vista is Leicestershire and Rutland’s leading charity for people with sight loss.  It was established to Promote eye health to prevent sight loss.

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Vista changes lives 

L&R LOC has nurtured close relations with Vista over the years, including being involved in the development of a successful vision screening app that checks for sight defects in children and adults.  After the screening, the individual is recommended to have a full eye examination. The app has been successfully trialed in a number of primary schools with great success, alongside a programme of creating awareness of the importance of regular eye care for children and their parents/carers.  The app also allows the Vista team to go out into the community to screen eyesight and vision safely at locations across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Referral process to Vista for a Rehabilitation Assessment

There is an established process for referrals from Eye Care professionals for those individuals with sight loss. This leaflet, when sent to Vista, will instigate a low level rehabilitation assessment.  When an Optometrist believes that an individual requires further medical assessment or support, this referral would be carried out via the HES in the normal way.

Ordinarily, referrals to Vista should be for those Patients/individuals who have established low vision but require support for daily living tasks, such as reading, crossing roads etc.   Through the issuing of magnifiers and other visual aids, this may provide a better quality of life. Further leaflets are provided here and here.

On occasion a referral can be made to Vista for someone who, for whatever reason, cannot or does not want to go through the HES.   This is then an important route for people to find the assessment and support that Vista can offer. This clinic provides comprehensive assessment by an optometrist and can normally be arranged (via a Px referral for a Low Vision Assessment to LRI). These assessments are currently carried out in Leicester Forest East at:  The Kathleen Rutland Home, 117 Hinckley Rd, Leicester LE3 3PF.

Contact details for the Low vision clinic are: 0116 2498857 or