L&R Clinical Waste Scheme

For the last six years, the Leicestershire & Rutland LOC has run a scheme in which the LOC has taken over responsibility for organising (and paying for) Clinical Waste bin collections for all those practices in the area choosing to take part.

There are at present over 100 practices on the scheme and each practice receives ONE clinical waste bin which is emptied ONCE A YEAR at NO COST to the practice. Once part of the scheme, a practice will receive a new bin each March and the old full bin is taken away.  Any extra bins or collections need to be paid for by the practice concerned to the supplier, Greener Options Ltd.

The scheme runs from March each year and practices can only join at this point as the bins are delivered around Leicestershire and Rutland en masse over two or three days.  A practice cannot join part way through the year.

If your practice wishes to sign up for the next March deliveries, please contact the Secretary.