Cataract Referrals

The local Cataract pathway is as follows:  LLR Cataract pathway

  • All cataract referrals can be made via the EMMS EyeV portal.  To sign up for the EMMS portal, please email: or call: 0115 650 0102.
  • Referrals can still be made via the GP, who will forward the referral to the Cataract Booking Centre.
  • Alternatively, referrals can be made by attaching the Cataract Referral form to this email address:

Practices refer cataract patients by one of the methods above. The patient then receives a text/letter with information to call the Cataract Booking Centre to make an appointment.

The patient is given the choice of undergoing cataract surgery at the following places (they will be told waiting times) :

  • LRI
  • Community hospitals (Loughborough, Hinckley or Coalville)
  • Stoneygate Eye Hospital
  • CHEC
  • SpaMedica
  • Optimax / Ultralase
  • Newmedica

The patient has the surgery at their preferred hospital. They are then directed back to the referring Optometric practice for post-op.

If the surgery was undertaken at the LRI, Stoneygate, Optimax or one of the Community hospitals, the post-op will be submitted via the EMMS portal.

If the surgery was undertaken at CHEC or SpaMedica, the post-op can be uploaded to the EMMS portal, or the report can be uploaded to their own portals (registration required for CHEC and accreditation required for SpaMedica – see below for further details).


If your practice has a Cataract contract, EMMS pays £4.97 for a referral.

A practice receives £27.85 for post-op via the EyeV portal.

If you would like further information about this service and the EyeV portal, please email .


Referrals are made via the EMMS portal.

Optometrists willing to participate in CHEC’s accredited post-operative scheme can input post-operative results to CHEC’s EPR portal.  For more information on scheme accreditation, and to set your practice up on CHEC’s EPR portal, please contact / 07751930484.


Referrals are made via the EMMS portal.

Optoms accredited to the SpaMedica cataract community post-operative scheme can perform a patient’s Post-Op at their practice and  upload their findings to the SpaMedica Medisoft portal.

Stoneygate Eye Hospital

Referrals and post-op are both made via the EMMS portal.

Stoneygate continues to accept NHS cataract surgery patients as well as private patients. The hospital is working hard to increase capacity as much as possible in order to see more patients.


At present, referrals should be done by email:  or via the EMMS portal.

Our understanding is that Optimax pay £4.97 for a referral and £27.85 for a post-op. 


The Leicester Newmedica service will be moving locations in January from the current location at Stoneygate Eye Hospital.

The new location will be:
Newmedica Leicester, 1 Barton Close, Grove Park, Enderby  LE19 1SJ