General Ophthalmic Services (GOS)


The GOS Sight Test Protocol was agreed with NHS Leeds in December 2008. This defines a set number of procedures that can be provided as part of a GOS Sight Test. Procedures that lie outside of the agreed protocol may be provided privately.


Contractors can check their GOS Contract Compliance by using the Quality in Optometry checklists.

GOS Sight Test Protocol

The GOS Sight Test Protocol was agreed with NHS Leeds in December 2008

A GOS sight test should normally include:

• Ocular history and symptoms, including relevant general health and family ocular history

• Determination of best spectacle correction and visual acuities.

• Binocular vision assessment.

• External ocular examination.

• Intra-ocular examination through undilated pupils

• Field screening for at risk groups

• Tonometry for at risk groups

• Maintaining records that show the results of the examinations

• Issuing signed copy of the prescription or patient’s statement

• Giving verbal advice

• Writing a referral letter if required including a copy for patient.

This list is not intended to affect a practitioner’s professional freedom or to be prescriptive.

Examples of further procedures beyond a GOS sight test include:

• Repeat fields and (and/or) tonometry in borderline cases

• Diabetic Screening

• Glaucoma monitoring

• Fundus photography and digital image capture for at risk groups

• Red eye assessment, dry eye and supplying and fitting punctal plugs

• Pre referral cataract assessment

• Post Cataract surgery follow up

• Delivering Choose and Book to patients.

• Low Vision Assessment

• Cycloplegic refractions.

• Vague GP requests to “Have a look at this patient eye”

Contract Compliance and Quality In Optometry

The professions’ online clinical governance tool, Quality in Optometry, has now been extensively revised so that it fully reflects the Compliance Framework and checklist.  The online version allows an individual contractor to check their own compliance, for instance in advance of a visit, and contains a huge amount of information support documents, model written policies etc.   Practice information is stored securely and can be accessed again and again.

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