Please view the following links for up to date advice on the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to optical practices.


22-01-21 – COVID-19 Vaccinations for Primary Care

All optometrists, DOs and  practice staff are eligible for the priority COVID-19 vaccine call up.
After conversations with Leeds CCG yesterday afternoon, Locums are advised to ask to be added by one of the practices that they work at. This will ensure that contact is made and an invitation for the local vaccination hub happens. Other areas are following slightly different protocols.

Addendum to the list can be sent to the CCG, if it has already been sent in.
It is anticipated all front line care workers will be vaccinated by the end of January.

An email will be sent , with a link to book a slot; there will be a number of centres available. As the CCG reaches the end of the programme, a call will be made to all health care workers to ensure no one has been missed.

Many thanks for your support and understanding.

Kind regards,

Simon & Liz (joint Chairs)


15-12-2020  Asymptomatic staff testing for COVID-19 for primary care staff.  NB Participation in the testing is voluntary, reporting the results however is a statutory requirement.


04-09-2020 OFNC update on COVID-19 support for optical practices.


31-07-2020 OFNC Update: COVID-19 funding for optical practices in England


25-06-2020 NHS Leeds to commission a COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES)  using optical practices


24- 06-2020 General Optical Council (GOC) statement on re-opening optical practices during COVID-19 emergency


22-06-2020 LTHT are now accepting routine referrals for patients registered with a Leeds GP.  Only refer if strictly necessary and to expect long than normal waits to access services due to reduced capacity.

You still need to contact LTHT before referring any patients for urgent care to their acute referral clinics. To speak directly to an ophthalmologist during working hours Monday-Friday at LTHT call: 0113 206 5335 or 0113 206 4796




17-06-2020 NHSE has announced the Resumption of optical services in England, and published its Guidance and standard operating procedure (SOP) for Primary care optical settings in the context of coronavirus (COVID-19).


15-06-2020 LTHT and community ophthalmology providers have restarted outpatients clinics, but with a large backlog and reduced numbers due to new distancing requirements.


15-06-2020 General Optical Council (GOC) statement on re-opening optical practices during COVID-19 emergency


12-06-2020 ONFC statement: Financial support for GOS contractors in England


05-06-2020 OFNC Statement: Resumption of General Opthalmic Services in England


29-05-2020 The College of Optometrists primary eye care COVID-19 guidance: Amber phase


05-05-2020 Practices can now order PPE from the not-for-profit Primary Eyecare Services Company – visit

Please note that due to unprecedented demand, supply will be subject to stock limitations.


26-04-2020 OFNC statement on GOS support payments


24-04-2020 Urgent Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Supplies in Primary Care (Pharmacy, Dental and Optometry Services) in West Yorkshire


The Yorkshire and North East LOCs have put together an emergency HES contact guide for during the COVID-19 pandemic, for performers and contractors.


19-04-2020 OFNC Statement on COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) with updated FAQs


18-04-2020 The proposed COVID-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) Pathway has been published – see LOCSU and College of Optometrists briefings.  Also see CUES Patient Pathway DiagramPathway Delivery, and Risk Stratification table.


16-04-2020 All contractors are obliged to inform NHSE if they have made changes to their normal opening hours. This will inform the payment of GOS fees compensation. NHSE have emailed contractors with links to a survey of opening hours, with an accompanying explanatory letter, and PDF and word versions of the survey, which can be sent to Please reply to NHSE as soon as possible  – one for each practice.


13-04-2020 The NHS has published: Deploying the clinical and non-clinical optical workforce to support the NHS clinical delivery plan for COVID-19


08-04-2020 Updated OFNC Guidance on Changes to Primary Eye Care in England


02-04-2020 NHS guidance on use of PPE in Primary and community care settings.


01-04-2020 NHS England has published it’s Updates and Guidance in Optical Settings outlining changes to its optometry/optical services. The OFNC has responded to the letter with a statement


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