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a genetic screening study for those with geographical atrophy due to Dry AMD, recruiting till April 2023. Now looking for people with non-foveal geographical atrophy due to Dry ARMD.

Gyroscope Therapeutics Ltd., a company specializing in developing genetically-defined therapies for the treatment of eye diseases, is currently working with eye care providers to enroll participants in a study called TELESCOPE, a genetic screening study open to participants with Geographic Atrophy due to Dry-AMD. I am reaching out to you to share information about this study, as it may be of interest to you.

The aim of this study is to identify variations in the genes that are postulated to cause advanced disease in patients with dry-AMD; these genetic variations are represented in approximately 3% of the population of dry-AMD patients. To take part, patients will need to provide one saliva sample which will be sent to a laboratory for genotyping analysis. Based on the results of the genotyping analysis, patients may be given the option to participate in another Gyroscope Therapeutics interventional gene therapy trial.

Patients who do not meet the initial pre-specified genotype criteria will be kept on a registry to be considered for future studies where they may be eligible for participation. There is no cost to the patient for this genetic screening, and patients will be reimbursed for reasonable travel costs incurred. The eye care provider participating in TELESCOPE will also receive compensation for each patient that completes genotyping.

There are 2 sites helping to recruit participants locally:

Vision and Hearing Support, Gateshead – contact
Simon Berry Opticians – 

If you have potentially suitable patients who may like to participate please email either of the Optometrists above for further details.

Study Description:

  • –  The study consists of a single visit, where the participant will be asked to provide their informed consent and to provide a saliva sample.
  • –  The sample is shipped to a central laboratory to determine if the participant is part of the genetic subpopulation.
  • –  If the participant meets the pre-specified genotype criteria, they may be able to enroll in an ongoing or future gene therapy interventional clinical trial.
  • Inclusion Criteria

    To qualify for TELESCOPE, a participant must*:

    • Be at least ≥ 55 years
    • Have a confirmed diagnosis of unilateral or bilateral GA due to AMD
    • NOT have evidence or history of choroidal neovascularization (for example, wet AMD) or severe non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy or worse in either eye.             Subject with CNV only in one eye may be included in the study, as long as they are not currently receiving active treatment for CNV
    • NOT have presence of severe non-proliferative diabetic retinopathy or worse in either eye
    • NOT have previous intravitreal injection in either eye for the treatment of nAMD
    • NOT have participated in another research study involving an investigational productwithin the past 6 months or 5 half-lives other than nutritional supplements such as age- related eye disease study formula
    • NOT have received gene/cell therapy at any time previously
    • NOT have any other significant ocular or non-ocular medical or psychiatric condition which mayput the subject at risk or may influence the results of the study(*Per TELESCOPE Protocol Version 3.0)

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