Applying for NHS Email

NHS England has announced that their preferred method of communication for key guidance is Every practice should have an NHS email account. These are free and straightforward to apply for. You need to complete an application form and DSPT IG Toolkit on your Quality in Optometry portal by September 2020. 

The National Optometry Team are taking over the process of issuing accounts to all optometry contractors in England. This replaces the local CNE project, which started in March 2020 and provided 300 email addresses. The national project will ensure that the whole process, which is being kept as simple as possible, is coordinated from one central point.

For those contractors that have already applied and been issued with an account, can you please complete the form so an accurate record for each practice is collected HERE

If you submitted an application to the NE local team and are yet to be issued with an address (Please check your SPAM in case it has been issued) you will still be required to apply via this new route (please check with the local team before applying as our records indicate there are no outstanding applications).

Application process

  • Please complete the application template via the link below or follow the attached QR code which will take you straight to the website. The template can be completed via any device.
  • Populate the template online. HERE
    Please note that all fields on the application template must be completed. You will be unable to submit incomplete forms
  • NHS Digital will contact contractors directly with the information provided to go through the authentication process and set the accounts up
  • In most cases, applications will be processed within one working week of the application being received
  • NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA), will be notified of all new accounts and existing addresses via the form and will share these updates with regional teams

Please note that the application will result in the issue of x1 shared mailbox for the practice with x2 individual accounts.

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