The Eye Clinic Liaison Officer Service

The Eye Clinic Liaison Officer(ECLO) provides advice and information on a range of matters including:

·       Living with sight loss and remaining independent

·       Details of low vision aids, equipment / technology

·       Benefits and concessions you could be entitled to

·       Education, employment / housing / leisure / library services

·       Eye conditions and treatment information / promotion of good eye health

·       Emotional support

·       Discuss the advantages of certification and registration early / accurate referrals to health and social care Support and information for carers

·       Links to local peer support groups / clubs / voluntary organisations

·       Referral to Falls Clinic / Mobility Assessment Clinic

The ECLO works closely with medical and nursing staff in the Ophthalmology Department, the Sensory Impairment Service, local Opticians and many other services to provide those diagnosed with an eye condition with practical and emotional support to help understand their diagnosis, deal with their sight loss and maintain their independence. Being diagnosed with an eye condition can be extremely difficult to come to terms with and in many cases can be life changing.

The ECLO has the time to dedicate to patients, family and carers following diagnosis. They are able to provide emotional support, advice on maintaining independence and gives patients an opportunity to discuss how their eye condition may impact on their life.

The ECLO supports patients through the Certificate of Vision Impairment (CVI) certification and registration process.

Referrals to the ECLOs can be self-referred by the patient or via the Optometrist/Medical Practitioner.

Please see the contact details for the Rotherham and Barnsley ECLOs based in the Ophthalmology department in each corresponding hospital.

Referrals will be accepted via secure Email or telephone call.

For more information on RNIB’s Sight Loss Advice Service visit

Contact details for Barnsley ECLO

Elaine Meehan

Tel: 07834 394327


Monday – Thursday 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.

Friday 8.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

Contact details for Rotherham ECLO

Temporary ECLO – Sian Hughes

Tel:  07850540460