Barnsley Referral Information 

Barnsley District Hospital Eye Clinic (BDGH) 

Useful telephone numbers

  • Ophthalmology Triage Nurse ( Emergency referrals): 01226 431728
  • BDGH Switchboard: 01226 730000
  • Ophthalmology Reception: 01226 434343

Email referrals

BDGH has switched over to receiving email referrals via NHS email.

Please use email addresses below.

It is useful to request a “delivery report” or “read report” when sending referrals to ensure they are received and for your own record keeping.

Ocular Emergencies:


NB.  All cataracts referrals should go through the Optomanager IT platform for BDGH/SpaMedica/Sheffield (Northern General) – See below for more details.

Barnsley referral protocol

      • If Patient is NOT suitable for MECS assessment and Referral (Urgent or Emergency) to Seconday Care is appropriate then use the contact details below:
        • For Emergency Referrals call (Ophthalmology Triage Nurse): 01226431728 and/or email:
        • For Urgent Referrals email GOS18 to:
        • For Routine Referrals to Barnsley Ophthalmology, please SEND GOS18 or private referral straight to Barnsley hospital via email to  please send a copy to the GP, stating “No action required, copy only”
        • For Routine referrals to other Ophthalmology departments other than Barnsley, please send GOS18 via GP, stating clearly the hospital to be referred to due to Patient Choice.

Cataract Referral (Barnsley GP only)

Pre Cataract Assessment 

  • Please login to the  Optomanager IT platform:
  • Carry out a Pre-cataracts assessment for each patient, ideally with dilation.
  • Use this to refer to Barnsley General, Northern General, SpaMedica: Wakefield (Ossett) and SpaMedica: Sheffield (Chapeltown).

Post Cataract Assessment

  • These are all completed through the Optomanager IT platform.
  • Hospitals should be referring patients back to individual practices via Optomanager and this should be checked on a regular basis.
  • If a patient has attended for a post-cat assessment and is not on optomanager, please add them as a new patient.
  • At the end of completing the post- cat assessment there will be options to either: (1) Discharge patient; (2) list for second eye or (3) urgently refer patients back to hospital.
  • (1) and (2) are actioned automatically through Optomanager and no further action is required.
  • (3) Urgent referral back to hospital is NOT actioned automatically, the practitioner needs to either referral via Emergency/Urgent email or phone the hospital directly to get the patient an appointment.

Cataracts Contractor Payment

Cataract Referrals for patients registered with a Barnsley GP attract additional payment to the contractor regardless of where the patient is sent for their cataract surgery.

To claim these additional payments the Optomanager IT Platform should be used.

NB. Only SpaMedica accredited optometrists can conduct a post cataracts assessment with patients who have had surgery at SpaMedica.