Rotherham Referral Information 

Rotherham Ophthalmology Outpatient Department 

The Rotherham Ophthalmology Outpatient Department has recently moved (~Nov 2020) to Rotherham Community Health Centre,  Greasbrough Road, Rotherham.

Useful telephone numbers

  • Eye Casualty: 01709 423976
  • Medical Retina:01709 423981
  • ECLO: 01709 423978
  • Orthoptics: 01709 423984

Routine Referrals: (other than Cataracts)

Should be sent on a GOS18 or equivalent, to the patient’s GP with the envelope clearly marked ‘Optometry Referral’

NB.  Referral Letters sent to the GP may not be opened for at least a week.

Urgent Referrals:

Should be emailed via a email address only, to RGH using the below email address:

Emergency Referrals:

Call the hospitals A & E directly on Rotherham 01709 423976 and ask to speak to an on-call Ophthalmologist.

An On-Call Ophthalmologist should be available at the following times:

Monday – Friday between the hours of 9.00am – 16.30pm

Any calls outside of these times would be referred by the Switchboard 01709 820000  to RGH’s Accident & Emergency Department who in turn, will direct the patient to either Sheffield Hospitals or the Doncaster Royal Infirmary – DRI (On-Call Ophthalmologist at DRI 07585403428 Fax 01302 644142 ). This will be based on the patients residential Post Code.

Please bear in mind that any Suspect Retinal Detachment cases will NOT be seen at the Doncaster Royal Infirmary and will be seen at the Hallamshire hospital, Sheffield. 

Patients being managed/discharged from the Rotherham General Hospital’s Orthoptists (Tel:01709 424452) are issued with a letter for the Community Optometrists.

WET AMD Fast Track

The attached guidance should be used to determine if WET AMD is suspected. Referrals can be made using the attached form and emailed via a email to: 

For any queries please telephone 01709 427844

Cataract Referrals

Cataract Referrals can either be made to Rotherham General Hospital (RGH) or SpaMedica using the appropriate form.

SpaMedica will also accept cataract referrals sent to them on a GOS18.

Cataract Referrals for patients registered with a Rotherham GP attract additional payment to the contractor regardless of where the patient is sent for their cataract surgery.

To claim these additional payments the RCCG form must completed and sent to the address at the bottom of the form.

Post Operative Assesment for extractions done at SpaMedica can only be done by SpaMedica accredited optometrists. Forms can be found via the links on this page. Further details for SpaMedica can be found on their website.

Hydroxychloroquine Referrals

In line with the recent Royal College of Ophthalmologist Guidance, Patients who are being treated with Hydroxychloroquine medication should have some form of screening with an OCT.  This needs to be done at a Hospital Ophthalmology Department. Any requests from a medical practitioner for an Optometrist to conduct such screening should be redirected to the patients GP.  Further Information can be found via the weblinks on this page.

Ocular Hypertension Refinement

There is a local enhanced scheme for OHT refinement for those found to have high IOP readings (>24 mmHg) using traditional non-contact tonometry. Whereby repeat measurement needs to be carried out, by individually registered practices direct with the CCG.