MECS Information 

  • Determine if the patient is suitable for a MECS (Minor Eye Condition Service) assessment using the MECS triage form.
  • If the patient is suitable then either conduct the MECS assessment, if accredited or call / signpost to a local participating practice for onward management of the patient.
  • Please use the Opera IT platform for completing a MECS assessments.

Referral following a MECS assessment

  • If after conducting a MECS assessment, referral to secondary care is deemed appropriate, refer as below:
    • At the end of completing a MECS assessment on Opera, there will be several options for each of the following:
      • Discharge
      • Refer On
      • Follow Up
    • Please select the appropriate option.
    • NB. If referring onwards, please go back to the Manage Referrals section on Opera, and select the Red Tab for completion of referral.

MECS related documents

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