Low Vision


Lancashire low vision directory of services – click here for a detailed list.

Rehabilitation officer for the visually impaired: James Tween 0300 123 6720

Eye clinic Liaison officer: Jenny Molineux 01254 263555 & 07738120763

Blackburn and district blind society: Mike Latham 01254698683

Accrington and district blind society: 01254 233332

Braille teacher (Accrington and district blind society): Chris Tattersall

Galloway’s society for the blind (Preston): 01772744148

Social care sensory loss team: Sheila Greenwood 01254220554

Genetic counselling- Emily Clarke 0300 3030111

Audiologist: Amplifon 01254495380

Access to work scheme 03452688489

Visually impaired children’s service: Jane Dawson 07790936208

Through scarlett’s (childrens service) Charlotte Mellor 07412572112

VICTA (children’s Services): Emily McMillan 01908240831

Low vision telephone helpline: Luke Howarth (north west area) 0800 587 2252

A directory of services word document has been added, it is a useful guide to have in practice. Each practice will have to adapt it depending on their location within East Lancashire.

Also attached is a benefits and concessions document for patients registered as Sight impaired or Severely sight impaired who is a useful tool in advising patients who may benefit from certification and registration.