Enhanced services 

The NHS commissions extra services that are provided by eyecare professionals who have undergone further professional training which enable specialist care to be provided within a “high street” optical practice.

These services typically reduce the waiting time and the distance travelled by the patient, in addition to reducing the pressure that hospital ophthalmology departments currently experience.

Please click on the underlined text for the list of practices who provide the following services.

COVID Urgent Eyecare Service  (CUES)

During the Covid-19 crisis, the Covid-19 Urgent Eyecare Service (CUES) will allow patients to gain prompt access to a remote consultation, leading to a care plan for the patient.

Pre/ Post Cataract service

This service provides an end-to-end care pathway for people presenting with a cataract at sight test who are keen to be considered for surgery.

Low Vision service

Provision of high-quality, low-vision assessment, information and clinical support, and where appropriate, low vision aids (LVAs), daily living aids and follow-up in a community setting in a convenient location for them.

Raised IOP and visual field repeat measures  

The service leads to fewer people being referred for specialist investigation and a greater number being managed within primary care.