Disc Size Chart


This is a chart relating Optic Disc Size and Cupping and indicates the likely range of normality. Click here to download a copy.

VA Conversion Chart

Here you can find a VA conversion chart:

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North West Medicines Information Centre and National Dental Medicines Information Service (part of UKMi) Supporting Medicines Optimisation in the NHS

0151 794 8113 @ukminw Service

available 8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday


What is UKMi?

UKMi is a medicines information service delivered by NHS pharmacists and freely available for all UK healthcare professionals working in any sector or organisation. Local and regional centres respond to the needs of healthcare professionals in their area and, working together, they deliver a ‘virtual’ national service. Quality is ensured through compliance with national standards for training and service delivery.



What does the service offer?

Medicines Information centres offer practical advice on any aspect of drug therapy including evaluated information to support evidence-based practice.



Who delivers the service?

The service is staffed by qualified pharmacists and support staff skilled and experienced in locating, assessing and clinically interpreting information about medicines. They use a wide range of resources including databases, specialist textbooks and journals, specialist advice as well as their own clinical knowledge and experience. They have particular skills in linking evidence-based information with clinical interpretation to provide practical solutions.


What sort of questions can I ask? Absolutely anything related to medicines. Here are some examples:

· Which antidepressant is safest to use in a patient with epilepsy?

· How do I treat threadworm in pregnancy?

· Does St John’s wort interact with warfarin?

· My patient has a black hairy tongue – could it be caused by any of her medication?

· Can you evaluate the evidence for a new drug on the market?


Please free to contact us during office hours or drop us an email at any time and we will be there to help.