EeRS is a new electronic referral system that has been commissioned to cover patients with a GP practice in the Black Country ICB and in the Birmingham and Solihull ICB areas.

It allows a method of reliably referring directly to secondary care including evidence that a referral has been sent. It will be a web based system so practices will only need a suitable internet connected computing device (including ipads) and an internet connection.

As it goes live for each hospital, it will very quickly become the only easy way for optometrists to refer to ophthalmology.

In the Black Country roll out began in late 2023.

As of June 2024 over 80% of optical practices in Dudley and Walsall have signed up to use Cinapsis EeRS.

Wolverhampton is  now at phase 2 of 3 of roll-out, with Sandwell expected to begin phase 1 in July.

A choice of hospitals can now be offered for Dudley and Walsall Optometrists which will be updated as more hospitals come online.

Birmingham and Solihull has also begun phased roll out for referral to Health Harmonie.

Latest News Update

Here is the latest update for the Black Country:

EeRS comms V8 Jun 2024

What to do to get ready

As a priority, please complete the DSPT which is most easily completed using the QIO website. As you should recently have received a reminder from NHSE to complete the QIO checklist please ensure your DSPT is up to date. If you feel you need help with  DSPT we recommend you view the step-by-step video guide that has been complied by Optometrist and Optical governance specialist Rupesh Bagdai that is available below:

An Introduction to Cinapsis This provides an introduction to the system used for EeRS

A video demonstration:

Cinapsis Onboarding guide : how to join the EeRS system.

Data Protection Protocol v3 for Optom practices

Hardware help This explains how to check if your windows 10 machine is sufficient for EeRS

Further information 

Cross area/hospital referral announcement June 2024

EeRS presentation by Charles Barlow to the Sandwell and Dudley CPD day 18th Sept 2023 Outline of the service.

EeRS Presentation for BlackCountry Optoms Provides more detail on EeRS

Guide for optometrists to NHSmail Explains the benefits and how to get an NHS email address