Workforce Development

The Confederation coordinates a regional Workforce Development Project founded in 2021 following successful bids for support funding from the NHS.

Its aims are:

• To enhance and develop an integrated local optometric workforce.

• To increase the skill mix of the primary care workforce and ensure the skill development meets the needs of both primary and secondary care to the benefit of patients and the eyecare system overall.

• Develop clinical leadership skills and create clinical champions to support peer to peer learning and mentoring.

To meet its aims, it is:

• Optimising core competencies through locally convened workshops, co-learning events and secondary care placements with locally acknowledged accreditations.

• Developing extended competencies and increase the skill mix of the primary care workforce by providing training and grants towards approved higher qualifications.

Progress to-date:

Learning events have included Peers discussion sessions and face to face Grand Rounds vitreo-retinal training. Paediatric, Glaucoma, Foreign Body and OCT training sessions will be available in 2024.

Grants have been awarded to 43 clinicians so far.

How can I benefit from this project?

For practices and individuals to benefit from local learning events, please ensure you are signed up to your LOC mailing list.

For information on applying for a grant towards an approved higher qualification please see the following document:

Grant offers spring 2024 How to Applyv2

And apply for your grant through our online portal here