Current referral protocols

Information for Practitioners on current schemes and protocols within the following CCG areas:

Eastbourne, Hailsham and Seaford CCG

Hastings and Rother CCG

High Weald, Lewes and Havens CCG

Brighton and Hove CCG

Direct Cataract Referral via the GP (Conquest & EDGH)

Referral form and CAQ questionnaire below:

Cataract Pathway Information

New Cataract referral shared decision form_V6

Fillable pdf Cataract referral form April 2024

Blank Post Cat Form

East Sussex Cataract template invoice

Referring Urgent Cases,  Directly To Local Hospital:

Eastbourne Hospital (EDGH):

Bexhill Hospital (Bexhill)

Email referral to:  for direct Emergency and Urgent referrals or direct referral pathways.

Any emails must be via a email address only 

The Triage line number is: 0300 131 4500 ext. 771744 – This service operates between 08:00hrs until 17:00 hrs. After 17:00hrs please contact the on-call Ophthalmologist via the switchboard on 0300 131 4500

Wet AMD Referrals for Bexhill or EDGH:  Must be made via email:

Form below:

WET AMD Referral

YAG Referrals for Bexhill & EDGH can be made via email;

Form below:

Yag Referral Form


All services including urgent have been transferred to EDGH/Bexhill. The only exception is  where an A and E service is required.

Sussex Eye Hospital:

Sussex Eye Hospital have confirmed the contact details for their Eye Casualty Department:

Protocol for urgent referrals

Please call 01273 696955 ext 63852/64874 during normal opening hours; 08:00-18:00

Email address for urgent referrals is

For A&E enquiries out of hours via switchboard – 01273 696955 ext 4881 / 64883 or direct dial to Pickford Ward 01273 664881/01273 664883

Electronic Referrals:

Try to help those reading your referrals by writing clearly or, better still, typing the referral.

A PDF version of the latest GOS18 is available to use, developed by Peter Hampson for the AOP. Simply copy to your hard disc and open with Acrobat Reader (Version 2015 or newer). Use TAB to move through the fields. If you wish to keep each referral on disc you will need to save it with a different name each time. Otherwise, after printing, just close without saving and it will be blank again next time.

This version is for completion and then printing for signature:


Wet AMD Referrals to Sussex Eye Hospital

Please click on the link below for the up-to-date form designed specifically for Wet AMD referrals into Brighton Eye Hospital.  The email address at the top of the form should be used via ONLY.

Word Version:  UHSx AMD Referral Form

Low Vision Referrals (Brighton Area)

If you would like to make a referral for a ROVI assessment please send an email with information regarding your client and the areas that you think require focus. Their email address is: