Jargon Buster:

CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) – Clinical Commissioning Group. Prior to the creation of the ICS/ICB/ICPs local healthcare was commissioned by CCGs. This is nowsuperseded by the term ICS.

ICS (Integrated Care Systems) – Integrated care System. An area of the UK where local healthcare decisions are made. Hampshire LOC has links with HIOW ICS and Frimley ICS.

ICB (Integrated Care Board) – Integrated Care Board. A group of individuals who manage the ICS.

ICP (Integrated Care Partnership) – Integrated Care Partnership. All bodies within an ICS who work collaboratively for the betterment of local public services.

ISP (Independent Service Provider) – Optegra, Practice Plus, SpaMedica are ISPs.

LOC (Local Optical Committee) – A statutory body which represents NHS General Ophthalmic Service (NHS GOS) local performers and contractors to the wider NHS.

LOCSU (LOC Support Unit) – A national organisation which supports LOC’s in carrying out their work effectively.

Pathway – The term ‘pathway’ refers to the steps involved from beginning to end of a patient care episode.

PCN (Primary Care Network) – A group of GP practices working together to deliver services, usually additional pharmacy, and paramedic support. Subject to national funding!

PCT (Primary Care Trust) – Prior to the CCG was the PCT. This is now superseded by the term ICS.

PES (Primary Eyecare Services) – A nation-wide PEC.

PEC (Primary Eyecare Company) – A company which exists to hold and maintain locally commissioned contracts with primary care optical practices.

Service – The term ‘service’ refers to the agreed provision of care paid on an episode by episode basis to local contractors by the local commissioners within the ICB or hospital trust under contract held and maintained by the relevant PEC.

Service Specification (S6) – Links together the pathway and service from a PES perspective.

Trust – The term ‘trust’ refers to the local NHS Hospital Trust and indirectly to the ophthalmology management team from an LOC perspective.

HIOW – Hampshire and Isle of Wight

Hampshire and Isle of Wight FAQ’s

What does the LOC do?

The LOC’s primary objective is to represent NHS General Ophthalmic Service (NHS GOS) performers and contractors in primary care optometry to local and national NHS teams.

The LOC is also the source of local information for eyecare providers to support best outcomes for Hampshire patients.

Who is on the committee and how do people join up?

The committee is passionate about diversity and inclusion and as such seeks a fully representative committee of individuals to accurately represent performers and contractors in the area. The committee aims to include optometrists, dispensing opticians, contact lens opticians and trainees in both employment and self-employment.

To find out about joining the committee please email

Is PES part of the LOC?

No. PES (Primary Eyecare Services) and the LOC are separate but work collaboratively regarding locally commissioned services such as CUES (COVID Urgent Eyecare Service). The LOC is unable to hold contracts, so PES holds and maintains contracts for locally commissioned services in Hampshire on behalf of the LOC. PES is a nation-wide company and works with many LOCs.

Who should I contact?

If you have a concern regarding a PES contracted service, please inform both PES ( and the LOC ( In Hampshire PES support the following list of services: 

  • CUES (Community Urgent Eyecare Service) 
  • GRR (Glaucoma Repeat Readings) 
  • GERS (Glaucoma Enhanced Referral Service) 
  • GM (Glaucoma Monitoring) 
  • Pre-Cataract 
  • Post-Cataract 

For anything OPERA related please use the feedback icon on the OPERA landing page or email

For anything else, such as local referral pathway issues or challenges contacting the hospital team, please check the appropriate area on the LOC website first and if further support is required contact the LOC via our Business Manager (

Last updated 2nd February 2023