Cataract Direct Referral

For direct referral, the Patient must have a Dudley CCG GP. You may be able to offer this to patients with a Birmingham or Black Country CCG GP, but you need to be aware there are some differences in protocol that you will need to follow.

The scheme allows you to provide assessment and management of patients presenting with signs and/or symptoms of cataract in either eye.

It includes:

  • Pupil dilation and examination by indirect ophthalmoscopy in order to establish whether there are any co-existing ocular disorders as well as cataract.
  • Discussion of the health questionnaire and any outstanding issues dealt with.
  • Communicating the potential advantages and disadvantages of cataract extraction
  • Ascertaining the patient’s willingness for surgery including a patient self-assessment questionnaire

You must:

  • Ensure the patient meets eligibility criteria.
  • Offer Choice of provider
  • Complete the web based Opera record. Opera will then will automatically send referral to chosen provider and copy to GP for information for patients with a Dudley CCG GP.

All information you need to print will be available via the Opera platform.

If you wish to join please email

Russells Hall Leaflet.

Russells Hall updated their cataract patient information leaflet in March 2020. It goes into detail including risks. If you wish to give this to your patients its available below: