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Telephone Interpreting Service

LanguageLine Solutions: 0845 310 9900

Access code: 288223

Information Required:

    • practice details
    • appointment details
    • patient details

The company will invoice NHS England.

Face to Face Interpreters

Global Accent: 0845 017 9380

British Sign Language Interpreter

Action on Hearing Loss: 0845 685 8000


New Glaucoma service launch June

(S6) Service Summary Cheshire Glaucoma service

The service is designed to manage those glaucoma,glaucoma suspect and Ocular Hypertensive patients, already within the Hospital Eye Service, who were considered to be stable and low-risk, with the aim of freeing up consultant-led outpatient appointments for new referrals and complex cases.

Suitable patients are referred into the service by their consultant. The use of protocols and pro formas ensures that all patients receive a comprehensive, standardised assessment with the results uploaded to the OPERA platform to be added to the patients long term ocular notes. This information is reviewed and updated at every visit, as appropriate, and is analysed by the examining optometrist who has been accredited to the WOPEC level 1 & 2 glaucoma certificate.  Patients referred to the community glaucoma, OHT clinic remain the responsibility of the referring consultant and are referred back if:

• The IOP becomes raised above the target IOP

• There is glaucomatous progression of the optic disc, visual field or retinal nerve fibre layer

COCH Post Cataract Service Leaflets for Information

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