Aims and Purpose of the LOC

The following are listed as objectives of the North Yorkshire LOC:

  • To advise NHS England North team on matters affecting optometrists undertaking general ophthalmic services in the area.
  • To enable optometrists undertaking general ophthalmic services in the area to formulate collective views on the administration of the services and in particular to make suggestions for their improvement and to transmit them to the NHS England North team.
  • To disseminate information about the general ophthalmic services among optometrists in the area and to assist individual optometrists to understand and to comply with their terms of service.
  • To consider any complaint made to them by any optometrist against any other optometrist practising in the area for which the committee is constituted involving any question of the efficiency of the general ophthalmic services.
  • To advise NHS North England team on matters affecting optometrists in relation to the hospital eye services, the scope and efficiency of those services, and in connection with the provision of ophthalmic services from Health Centres, Clinics and the like.
  • To carry out such other advisory or consultative functions as may be incidental to or assist in the attainment of the above objects, including liaison with Patient’s Forums within the area.
  • To organise Continuing Education for Optometrists and dispensing opticians