Diabetic Eye Screening Service

27 May 2021

Message from The Diabetic Eye Screening Program

We are getting quite a lot of calls from patients who are asking when their next screening appointment is due as they missed it last year.

 The national diabetic eye screening programme used evidence from a study to show that people with diabetes who had no disease at their last screening were at very little risk of sight loss if their screening interval was extended by an addition year. This means that those screened in April 2019 with no retinopathy were due in April 2021 (and will have been offered an appointment), and those screened in June 2019 will be due this June 2021.

 Please see the link:

North Yorkshire LOC Latest News

North Yorks GP Lists

Our referral tab now has up to date downloadable GP lists

14 August 2021

Urgent Advice Re: York Hospital Referrals

York Hospital Trust Advice 26th May 2021 As you may be aware the fax machine in the eye dept is not accessible currently and is broken. We are awaiting an email solution and once this is set up for the nurse practitioners by Andy we will go live with this and fax referrals will be …

26 May 2021

New Website

North Yorkshire LOC now have a new website, if you would like anything adding or have any suggestions please contact our LOC Secretary. The email address is at the bottom of the site.

23 May 2021

York Hospitals trust website has gone live

A-Z of services – There is a section on diabetic eye screening. We can now start directing patients to their website for further information on their services. There is a useful section for local optometrists and details of how to contact the service etc.

28 October 2020

Notice of Relocation: NHS England & Improvement – Primary Care Team (West Yorkshire & Harrogate)

I am writing to let you know that our Primary Care Team, which covers the West Yorkshire and Harrogate area, has now moved from Leeds City Office Park to Quarry House in Leeds. Our new address, with immediate effect, is: Primary Care Commissioning North East and Yorkshire NHS England & NHS Improvement 6E05 Quarry House …

28 October 2020

LOCSU Latest news

Case Study: Implementation of a Postoperative-Cataract Service in Conjunction With Wakefield LOC

LOCSU has produced a case study looking at one of the first trusts to implement a Postoperative cataract service.

14 October 2021