For practices offering CUES

If a patient contacts the practice with signs/symptoms suggesting the need for CUES then a Triage should be carried out:

CUES Triage form 

If a patient contacts a practice with signs/symptoms that suggests the need for CUES and that practice doesn’t have capacity to see the patient in that timeframe,  it is the practice’s contractual obligation to phone around at least 3-4 other local stores to get the patient seen in that timeframe. If they cannot get the patient in, they must consult with their optometrist for their clinical judgement on this case.

To find local practices offering CUES please click here.

A CUES  examination is not an adjunct to a sight test; it is an alternative for those cases where the symptoms are recent onset and are not suitable for a sight test. Based on the patient’s presentation, you will either perform a sight test or a MECS/CUES assessment. In most cases, you will choose and either perform a sight test and manage the patients concerns or convert to a CUES/MECS. Click here for further information.

Key CUES documents

HoWM CUES pathway doc

HoWM CUES flowchart

Additional information is available on the Opera help page.

CUES Referrals

For further information and guidance on CUES referrals  and chasing referrals sent via CUES please see this page.

CUES timeframes

• Telemedicine is now optional, you can continue to use telemedicine where required

EVERY patient must be seen by a clinician within 24 hours of contact (i.e, telemedicine or be seen face to face if telemedicine has been bypassed)

• If telemedicine needs to be bypassed, please click here for instructions on how to do this. Working is ongoing on a new CUES module that will enable an official bypass to telemedicine.

• If using telemedicine, the timescale has been extended from 4 hours to 24 hours from initial contact. This should enable you to manage patients more easily but please note careful triaging is absolutely essential to make sure that the high priority patients are seen quickly. If in doubt, continue to prioritise contacting the patient.

• The timescale for seeing patients face to face AFTER telemedicine has been extended to up to 5 days, depending on clinical judgement

• BUT urgent presentations must still be seen within the appropriate timeframe or referred to another practice who can accommodate this

If your practice is not able to see the patient within the timeframe, your practice must call around to get the patient seen elsewhere. Use the “Find a Practice” tool at:

New DNA/FTA policy & new procedure on closing down episodes

Please see here for more info:

DNA policy:

Closing episodes:

Pharmacy List

Click here for the Pharmacy list, for NHS written orders. When using the NHS written order, the participating pharmacies should be called first to check they will accept these (sometimes locums working on that day may not participate in the pharmacy prescribing service).

Please note for dry eyes: to supply drops a patient will need to qualify as having moderate to severe dry eye under the Oxford grading scale. For further information see Dudley LOC’s dry eye guidelines.