The Committee

Colin Gault Chair
Rob Hopwood Vice Chair
Carolyn Hudd Secretary
Martin Bull Treasurer
Mark Jones Member
Angela Davey Member
Tom Mogford Member/ Glaucoma & cataract lead
Victoria Barrett Member/ Community engagement lead
Neelam Patel Member/ Sponsorship & CET lead
Jamie Bowden Member/ Social media lead
Maddy Miles-Ogden  Member/ MECS lead


Elections for vacancies on the LOC take place at the Annual General Meeting, and a term of office is 3 years.

The LOC will reimburse committee members for costs involved in attending necessary courses and meetings etc. as follows:

  • Full cost of courses
  • Mileage at 50p per mile
  • Payment to cover loss of income / time out of practice at £55 per hour up to a maximum of £300 per day