Cataract referrals in Sefton

Cataract referrals in Sefton (Now fully migrated to the OPERA System)


Optometry First’ Enhanced referral Cataract Service Pathway & Protocols


Having a cataract does not automatically mean that a patient needs to be referred. Before referring a patient you should consider the following:

  • Is the patient having problems with their vision that are caused by the presence of cataract?
  • is the patient managing the daily tasks that they wish to do?
  • Whilst cataract surgery is very successful and the risks are small, it can still result in significant or complete loss of vision in a very small number of patients, so it is important to discuss the risks and benefits before you consider referring the patient.
  • Does the patient have a Sefton GP?

If the patient is symptomatic because of cataract, is struggling with day to day tasks and still wants to be referred, then  the patient should be assessed under the DIRECT CATARACT REFERRAL PATHWAY.

If you are NOT an accredited practitioner or an accredited practice, then you should refer your patient to an accredited practice.


An up to date list of accredited local practices can be obtained from:

The clinical governance and performance lead for Primary Eyecare services


Referrals for cataract should be on a fully completed GOS18 to an accredited practice or via the OPERA software portal (from accredited practices).


Referrals should NOT go via the patients GP or direct to the providers of cataract surgery.


To do so would be failing to refer in accordance with local protocols which could have implications under the GOS contract


The DIRECT Cataract Referral Pathway provides thorough preoperative assessment / counselling for each patient and the secondary care providers receive the necessary paperwork needed to proceed with cataract surgery.