Information for Professionals 


There is also a MECs service available to anyone that is accredited to carry it out.

As a non MECs practice you wont be able to refer patients to any MECs accredited practices. Instead, you must see the patient in practice and refer to the GP, MIU or EEC.

EEC Referral From. 


The service is delivered by the NHS screening programme and is accessible to patients in a variety of locations throughout the area, including GP surgeries and hospitals

All people aged 12 and over with diabetes (type 1 and 2) are offered annual eye screening appointments through the Cornwall Diabetic Eye Screening Programme. The only exceptions are people with diabetic eye disease who are already under the care of an ophthalmology specialist.

The screening test usually takes around 30 minutes. Screening does not replace regular eye examinations and it is important to attend both.

Contact details for this service:

Pendragon Annex
Royal Cornwall Hospital

Tel: 01872 254674


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