Registration and Onboarding



If you have not yet received your onboarding invitation to Opera, you can start your Opera registration using this link

We ask for your support in registering and completing this process as soon as possible.

Practices will require the following information to onboard: 

  • Your DSPT certificate
  • Your GOS contract checklist
  • Your NHS standard contract checklist

These need to be in PDF format.  You will also need details of your indemnity insurance and your practice ODS code.

Mandatory requirements:

  • DBS Certificate
  • Safeguarding Certificates Level 2 for both adults and children
  • WOPEC Cataract Certificate (for practitioners providing or wishing to provide Independent Sector Cataract Post-Ops)


  • We recommend that practitioners upload any WOPEC certificate or certification of higher qualifications that they currently hold
  • Practitioners can request a free code to complete any online WOPEC module from their LOC here.

There is lots of information below to guide you through this process.

Registration/Onboarding Top Tips


A guide to the practice onboarding process can be found here.


Links to lots of useful onboarding resources including the onboarding webinar and help videos on completing your QIO NHS Standard contract and DSTP checklists can be found here.

We’ve put together some tips to help you avoid some common errors:

Practice Registrations

  • When you complete your Practice registration the initial onboarding login will be sent to the email address inputted as ‘main contact email’. Please ensure that this email address is unique to the Practice that you are registering, and is correctly inputted without typos
  • Please ensure that you upload PDF documents only as the system will only accept this format
  • When uploading requested documents, please ensure that you provide the correct ‘date’ information. It should be the date printed on the document
  • Please note that the initial onboarding login is part of the registration process – this login will only allow you to add a Practitioner, NOT a non-clinical admin member of staff
  • To add a Practitioner use the ‘Invite user to practice’ option button and complete the information as prompted. Once the Practitioner has completed this process and gained access to Opera, the Practitioner can then invite non-clinical staff to gain access using the ‘create an administrator’ option

Practitioner Registrations

  • When registering as a practitioner, please again use a unique email address for yourself – do not use the email address utilised to complete the Practice registration
  • A practitioner only needs to onboard (complete the registration) once. After a Practitioner has been approved and received their Opera login, they can be added to other Practices they work at, by the practice themselves by using the ‘add a user’ functionality under the administration tab and entering their existing Opera login details
  • Ensure all documents are in PDF format and that the correct dates are being inputted

Throughout the registration process you will receive emails from  Please do not reply to this email address, this account is not monitored and is an automated account built into the system only. Please also ensure you add this email address to your contacts list, so the emails do not end up in your junk and spam folders.

How to Get Help

Video guides are available to support practices and practitioners with QiO requirements:


Please check that your contractor has registered your practice for OPERA. Make sure you have all of the following ready in a PDF format to upload onto OPERA

  • DBS Certificate
  • Safeguarding Certificates Level 2 for both adults and children
  • WOPEC Cataract Certificate (for practitioners providing or wishing to provide Independent Sector Cataract Post-Ops)

If you need to complete the WOPEC cataract training, please request your course code here. 

Opera introduction webinars took place on 11 November and 25 November, and a video of the 25 November webinar is available here.