Application/Notification of your NHS Email address (GOS contractors only)



The process for applying or notifying NHS England of an NHSmail address is set out below.

The application template can be accessed via the link below or via the attached QR code.  The template can be completed on any device.


Application _ Notification of your NHS Email Address. For GOS Contractors only.png


Please complete the template online.  Further information is provided on the form to help you.  All fields in the template must be completed.  You will not be able to submit an incomplete form.  Please note that the NHSmail application  is to receive 1 shared mailbox and 2 individual NHSmail accounts.

Once the form is submitted NHS Digital will contact you directly with the information provided to go through the authentication process and will then set the accounts up.  This will take on average one week to set up.

One of the requirements for an NHSmail account is to have completed the DSP toolkit.  This has been waivered until September 2020.

If you require further help completing this Form please email:

To regain access to an existing NHS Email Account – please call  03332001133.