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NHSmail accounts

Further to the recent communication around NHSmail accounts and the DSP Toolkit, shared mailboxes and individual user accounts are issued to contractors upon completion of the DSP Toolkit. An active ODS code is required to complete the DSP Toolkit and submit the NHSmail application. There is no facility for locums to obtain an NHSmail account on an individual basis.


Locum clinicians are still able to send secure emails to NHSmail recipients, for example referrals to Secondary Care or GPs. The Egress platform is free to use and easy to set up, NHSBSA has introduced a facility for sending Egress invitation emails to locum clinicians. Secure, encrypted emails are then accessible through personal, non-NHSmail email accounts. To request an Egress invitation email, each locum clinician are asked complete an online form. The invitation should be received within a week.


The DSP Toolkit ensures that the contractor has made the necessary arrangements to keep data secure, including having specific data policies and arranging for staff working in the practice to have regular data protection training.

If you require further help completing this Form please email:

To regain access to an existing NHS Email Account – please call  03332001133.