Welcome to the website of the Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth Local Optical Committee (LOC)

Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth LOC is an organisation which represents optometrists and dispensing opticians in our area. LOCs were formed to be the official representatives for all GOS contractors and practitioners within their area and to work with local CCGs on matters relating to NHS optical services.

MSW LOC strive to set up local community optometry services, have good communication with other professionals such as pharmacists, public health officials, local council officials, charities that provide optical services (such as the Pocklington Trust) and the London Eye Health Professional Network.

In addition, the LOC is the first point of call for performers and contractors who may have an issue or query

The purpose of this website is to provide eye care practitioners, other health care professionals and the public with information about all aspects of eye care provision available within Merton, Sutton & Wandsworth .


Purpose of the LOC

  • Informing, advising and negotiating with local NHS England teams and CCGs on matters including delivering GOS, delivering local extended primary care services, and acting on other issues relevant to the local optical community
  • Responding to relevant consultations
  • Facilitating and encouraging local contractors and performers to formulate collective views
  • Disseminating information among local contractors and performers to help them to understand and comply with their duties
  • Conveying the views of local contractors and performers to the national representative bodies
  • Contributing to the development of national policies
  • Liaising with other LOCs and LOCSU to support the LOC in developing and achieving their objectives
  • Obtaining support, advice and training services from LOCSU and/or the national representative bodies