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PCSE advise that the national engagement team has now been replaced with the communications and engagement team which is service line specific. Therefore if you have raised a query and have a PCSE case number which you feel is still not being resolved please email

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Update From Kirsty Adlem, Ophthalmic Engagement Manager, PCSE England 22/10/2019

Dear All

For those who do not already know me, I  would like to introduce myself I am Kirsty Adlem from PCSE and part of the ophthalmic engagement team. I am here to represent PCSE and I work closely with LOCSU to deliver messages from PCSE and to provide feedback to PCSE to help us to deliver a high level of service.

If you would like me to attend a meetings via conference call, webex or if possible in person I can where I can provide PCSE updates, please do this by emailing

Just to make you all aware the PCSE Online goes live on 28th October 2019 this is a steady transition. To find out more information can be found on our website Here there is GOS 1 video and statement  video  (To access these please choose web browsers  Google Chrome or Firefox)

Kind regards

Kirsty Adlem

Ophthalmic Engagement Manager

Communications & Engagement Team

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