Hertfordshire Local Optical Committee (LOC) exists to:

• Assist and support optometrists and dispensing opticians

• To advise, inform and negotiate with Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and NHS England Area Teams (ATs) on matters affecting, or liable to affect, local contractors and local performers, such as:

• Administration and payment of remuneration in relation to Primary Ophthalmic Services
• The introduction and implementation of any community eye care services
• Hospital Eye Services, where they affect Primary Ophthalmic Services
• complaints against local contractors and local performers in respect of Primary Ophthalmic Services or community eye care services in the area.

• To disseminate information and advice about Primary Ophthalmic Services and community eye care services.

• To assist optometrists to understand and comply with their terms of service and to assist them if dealing with complaints in respect of Primary Ophthalmic Services or community eye care services.

Hertfordshire Local Optical Committee represents ophthalmic contractors and performers working within its area. There are two Clinical Commissioning Groups within Hertfordshire – East and North Herts CCG and Herts Valley CCG.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list, would like to attend a committee meeting, or have any enquiries about the LOC, please contact the administrator for more details:

We are represented and supported at a regional and national level by the Local Optical Committee Support Unit (LOCSU). Further information about LOCSU and their role can be found in a powerpoint presentation HERE. You will need to have powerpoint, libre office impress or similar installed in order to view this presentation. It may also be viewed using an online version such as or google slides, if you have a relevant account.


Supporting Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians throughout Hertfordshire.