New Rotherham Ophthalmology Emergency Number

6 March 2021

Please use the following number for  all EMERGENCY Ophthalmic concerns:  07514621998 for Rotherham HES between clinic hours of 08.30- 17.30. Outside of these hours, please use the on-call Ophthalmologist via switchboard.

This is in use from the 3rd March 2021.

Please do not give this out to patients or GPs, it is for Optometry use only. For any other enquires and issues please contact via Switchboard as usual.

Rotherham and Barnsley LOC Latest News

PPE to remain the same in Healthcare

There will be no changes made to PPE worn within a healthcare setting with the upcoming changes to COVID19 restrictions.

18 July 2021

New Temporary ECLO at Rotherham Hospital

As some of you may know Martin Bryne has left his post as Rotherham ECLO. Sian Hughes has been temporary assigned the role. See ECLO information page for contact details.

18 July 2021

Rotherham MECS to end on 31st March 2021

Unfortunately, the MECS scheme in Rotherham will come to an end on 31st March 2021.  Further information to follow.

6 March 2021

COVID Vaccine for Locums

Locums, please register for the vaccine via the following link, if you have not already done so through other routes: 

16 January 2021

Primary care lateral flow testing SOP available

Primary care lateral flow testing SOP.

13 January 2021

Opera replaces Optomanager for MECS

The new IT platform Opera has now replaced Optomanager for MECS assessments. Please get in touch at if you need any help with the change-over.

13 January 2021

Lateral Flow Tests for Optical Staff

Please order tests for practices through the PCSE portal.

13 January 2021

Vaccine for Health workers

All optical practice staff are a priority group for the COVID19 vaccine. Click here for letter update on vaccine from NHS England Click here for LOCSU’s update on the vaccine 

13 January 2021

Post Payment Verification (PPV) pilot now been completed

NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) has been undertaking a Post Payment Verification (PPV) pilot and has now been completed.  This process is ready to be rolled out nationally and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw is the next NHS Regional area to be enrolled in the process.  

8 July 2020

LOCSU Latest news

Treasurer sessions help share ideas

Three virtual sessions have been held for LOC treasurers to enable networking and share ideas.

29 July 2021