Glaucoma Repeat Readings Service Mandated

15 September 2020

Primary Eyecare Services (PES) and NTW LOC are pleased to announce that the Glaucoma Repeat Readings service (GRR) will switch onto the national PES GRR module from 1st September 2020.

This will allow the capture of repeat readings for both IOP and field defects.

This service will become a mandatory with rasied IOPs or suspicious fields. Patients will need to be examined within the service prior to referral. Any patient seen at a non participating practice needs to be directed to participating practice prior to referral.

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Northumberland, Tyne and Wear LOC Latest News

Performers get ready for Opera

Opera is an exciting development in Primary Care Optometry. It will allow secure data and image transfer into secondary care and the HES. It also provides access to the NHS spine, allowing you to see the medication and health summary of patients who you are intending to refer to via one of the commissioned services. …

23 October 2020

New IT platform announced for Commissioned services

Primary Eyecare Services (PES) have announced that a new long-term IT partner, FDS Consultants, has been selected to provide a single IT platform for Primary Eyecare and our partner LOCs and optical practices. The transition from OptoManager to the Opera platform will start in November 2020.  We anticipate that the 2 services commissioned across NTW …

23 October 2020

Control the risk of covid spreading between staff members

  Reinforce messages that social distancing and mask wearing are practices equally essential away from the immediate clinical area   Remind staff in both non-clinical and clinical areas of the importance of hand hygiene, particularly before and after changing or touching masks   Assess whether face to face training is necessary, and if so, ensure …

19 October 2020

New Exercise Website Launched North of Tyne

HowFit encourages users of any ability, from chair based to fairly fit, to undertake a plan of simple exercises that can be carried out at home without the need for any special equipment. The programme has been created by local Consultant Physician, Dr Steve Parry, in partnership with NHS North Tyneside Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) …

19 October 2020

NHS Track and Trace APP

This information has been taken from a document sent to Contractors 13/10/20 We encourage healthcare workers to download the NHS Covid-19 app to help the fight against coronavirus We recommend that healthcare workers use the ‘pause’ contact tracing function on the app when they are in healthcare buildings including, hospitals and GP surgeries Healthcare workers …

19 October 2020

#LookingAfterYouToo: Coaching support for primary care staff

  You may already be aware of the #LookingAfterYouToo coaching initiative. This initiative is a free coaching offer for all staff working in primary care services, clinical and non-clinical, in recognition of the unprecedented challenges you are facing through COVID-19. The main objective of the #LookingAfterYouToo coaching initiative is to ensure you feel supported to maintain …

19 October 2020

Locally organised virtual CET

The North York’s and South Durham Association of Optoms ( or NYSDAOP  for short ) have asked us to circulate their virtual CET program. They usually meet in Middlesbrough but decided to host remotely this year and have got an excellent programme of speakers set up so it would be good for others to benefit …

20 September 2020

Covid Rates Rise but Optical Practice stay on AMBER

Updated CoO Guidance available. Now Optical Practice has access to PPE, protocols and risk assessments regarding working through the Pandemic we are in a better position to continue providing routine care. However Practices should consider increasing telephone triaging person concerns and using the first stage of the AMBER processes outlined by the College of Optometrists …

15 September 2020

NHS PPE Portal – Optical Practice Access

Healthcare providers can now order additional personal protective equipment (PPE) through the PPE Portal to top up their existing supplies for COVID-19. The Department of Health and Social Care have previously invited GPs, residential care homes, domiciliary care providers and pharmacies to use the PPE Portal. They are now implementing the next phase of the …

13 August 2020

Care Navigation

Optical Professionals now have access to Healthpathways Care navigation site for Health professionals for South Tyneside CCG patients. Login details in the members only section of this site. Sight loss support contacts are also available within the care navigation section of our website.

22 July 2020

LOCSU Latest news

Case Study: Integrated primary care eye service improves patient experience in Morecambe Bay

Patient input was key to identifying areas for improvement

23 October 2020

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