We realise that advice around the COVID-19 pandemic is changing daily. As much as possible we advise members to follow national guidance for providing optical services.


Please view the following links for up to date advice on the COVID-19 pandemic with regard to optical practices.


Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) standard operating procedure NHS England and NHS Improvement rollout of lateral flow devices for asymptomatic staff testing for COVID-19 in primary care document 








College of Optometrists:





PPE Supplies:


All of the committee are practitioners that work in North & North East Lincolnshire and are experiencing first hand the effects of this pandemic on their Practice. We still need and want to hear from you, our membership on how this is effecting your work and would like to hear on how this is effecting you.

Please know that as a committee we want the LOC to work for you, we are constantly speaking to the CCG’s and NLAG on how we could work together locally to aid our patients. Nationally to we are working with LOCSU and NHS England.

If, at any time you would like to contact us please use any of the committee’s emails, or contact us through Facebook or Twitter.


Many thanks.