Norfolk & Waveney LOC – Creating New Website Accounts

23 March 2021

The previous NWLOC website is no longer accessible.

Your log-on details will no longer work.

To access this new NWLOC website’s protected data for optometrists and dispensing opticians have to create a new account, using your personal email address. Practice email addresses shared by Optometrists and Dispensers will not be accepted.

Some practitioners have already submitted requests for new accounts but may not have activated their account. The activation link is time limited, expiring after a few days. It is now necessary to follow the instructions below to set up your account. 

Set up a New Account

  • Open the Create an Account application form HERE and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Complete all fields on the form; then click
  • When your application is approved you will receive a welcome email from with a link to the NWLOC website.
  • On receipt of this email please immediately click the link to activate your account which will generate an email containing your log-on credentials.
  • *Please note the activation link will remain valid for only a few days.*
  • If you have not received the welcome email more than three days after submitting your request for an account please check you spam/junk folder.

To Log-in

  • Following activation of your account you will receive an email containing you log-on credentials.
  • In the top right corner of the website Home Page is ‘Sign In/Register’, click here
  • COPY & PASTE your Username and Password into the appropriate boxes.
  • Please keep a record of your unique username and password for future reference.

 Please contact me at if you have any problems or concerns when using the website.

 Peter Hutchinson

Administrator to Norfolk & Waveney Local Optical Committee.

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