New Triage Number at Chesterfield Eye Centre

20 July 2020

Please note that the Chesterfield Eye Centre Triage phone number, based at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital, is to be changed to 01246 512830 with effect from 27th July 2020.  This number should only be used when referring an emergency patient.

Derbyshire LOC Latest News

There is a new resource to help with Dry Eye Prescribing

There is a link on the referral pathways page to help with prescribing for dry eye patients.

22 November 2020

Online Visual Fields CET Available

Please use this link to some online CET visual fields invite – hyperlinked_REV_3

22 November 2020

Cues Patients should now be done on Opera system

From 1st November all CUES patients should be entered on to the Opera system. The old Optomanager system can be used up to 13th November. This system is new for everyone but Alex Howard is hard at work getting up to speed on it to be able to advise on any teething issues.

2 November 2020

Guidance for Pre-Cataract Referral Assessments.

There is an up to date summary of the procedures to follow when assessing a patient for possible cataract referral. It is available on the referral pathway page

2 November 2020


Consultant Connect Just to let you know everything is now up and running and you can start to use Consultant Connect for queries at CRH. If you need any help feel free to contact Alex Howard. Here’s a couple of instructional videos for those who missed the call/need a reminder: How to use the mobile …

21 July 2020

NHS Fee Latest from OFNC

OFNC UPDATE: COVID-19 FUNDING FOR OPTICAL PRACTICES IN ENGLAND 20 July 2020 The OFNC is still working with NHS England on potential further COVID-19 funding for optical practices, following the end of the first phase of funding on 30 June. It has now been agreed that while these negotiations continue, the previous level of COVID-19 …

20 July 2020

BSL Eye Care Video

The CCG have asked that this video in BSL is circulated to all optometrists in Derbyshire. The video can be accessed via  YouTube channel –   It is specific during COVID19 and how to access services. It can be put on practise websites or on any other communication channels you use.

10 July 2020

NHS Emails and Notification

There are 2 updates below: – NHSE Declarations Following the publication of the NHSE SOP on the 17th of June. LOCSU have reviewed the request from NHSE Regional Teams for contractors to complete declarations. IMPORTANTLY IT IS ACCEPTED THAT MANY CONTRACTORS MAY HAVE ALREADY COMPLETED AN ONLINE DECLARATION AND, IN THESE CASES NO FURTHER ACTION …

22 June 2020

Re-opening of Practices

Details of operating procedures from NHS England as from 17/6/2020. C0601_Reopening of optical services letter 17 June 2020 C0601_COVID19_OPTICAL_SOP v1 17 June 2020

22 June 2020


It has been quite a year even before you know what! After many years of trying a MECS scheme was finally commissioned in Derbyshire thanks to great efforts by the Committee. Since the pandemic some members of the Committee have put in amazing amounts of work and there has been lots of engagement with practitioners …

20 May 2020

LOCSU Latest news

LOCSU launches #YourLOC campaign

Campaign aims to drive awareness of LOCs and the benefits of more optical practitioners getting involved

23 November 2020

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