Referral Pathways in Coventry and Warwickshire


Due to the separate CCG’s in the area, we have slightly different referral protocols across Coventry, Rugby, North & South Warwickshire at the moment. This page has all of the referral pathways for the different areas in Coventry and Warwickshire. Please check where the patient’s GP is based and refer as appropriate.


University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire Eye Casualty (UHCW) – Emergency

Please be advised that the process for eye emergencies has changed. UHCW eye casualty is  NO LONGER A WALK IN SERVICE (please do not advise a patient to come straight down to eye casualty)


The eye casualty line is open Monday to Friday (9am – 7pm) Saturday and bank holiday (9am- 12 noon)

TRIAGE NUMBER FOR CLINICIAN TO CLINICIAN (this is available through the practice – if you are a locum Optometrist, please ask the store for this number). This number should NOT be given to patients.

If we feel it is an ACUTE issue and requires to be seen in Eye Casualty, we will book a time slot for the patient to attend for. If you are unsure if this needs to be seen in Eye Casualty, please follow the Eye Casualty triage tool.

Triage tool for UHCW Eye Casualty COVID

When you call the eye casualty line, you will be spoken to by a clinician (either an Orthoptist, Optometrist or Ophthalmologist)

For advice out of hours, please call NHS 111

South Warwickshire Foundation Trust (SWFT) – Emergency/Urgent

For optometrists working in the South Warwickshire area, please contact SWFT eye department first to triage emergency/urgent patients. SWFT will either book an appointment for your patient or advise you to call UHCW eye casualty.

SWFT triage number is available via your practice, if you are a locum please ask the practice manager/resident optometrist. This number should NOT be shared with patients.

Please refer below to the SWFT Emergency and Urgent Flowchart for further guidance.

SWFT Emergency and Urgent Flowchart

UHCW E-Referrals

This referral pathway is to UHCW only. This is NOT for same day emergency referrals, please refer to information above regarding this. It is also not for WET AMD referrals,  please read below for this separate pathway. This e-referral pathway is for patients who need to be seen urgently within 3 days. 

The e-referral service is manned from 9am-1.00pm, 1.30- 4.30pm. Monday to Friday- excluding Bank Holidays

Referral process:

Community Optometrist sends a referral to using referral form located just below (named as Emergency Eye Clinic referral form). Ideally, you would need to send this via the practice account If you do not have access to this, you can send this from your personal account.

Emergency Eye Clinic Referral Form

Once sent from the email account:

1 ) Email received in inbox and automatic reply is sent to practitioner to confirm receipt

2) Referral is then read by optometrist

N.B. If there is not enough information on the referral to make a clinical decision then the optometrist will send an email back to the practice requesting more information and rejecting the referral. The automatic reply will inform the optometrist that this will happen.

If a referral is sent over the weekend inappropriately, the responsibility lies with the referring clinician till the referral is accepted.

Please bare in mind that this service is not read over the weekend. Please do not use this for immediate emergency referrals.


Optometrists within the Coventry, Rugby, North and South Warwickshire can refer patients for cataract extractions and YAG laser directly to SpaMedica Coventry without referring via the GP.

This can be done via an electronic referral form which can be sent via email, fax or post. Referrals sent via email MUST be sent from an NHS.NET account and not a personal account. Referrals via post can be sent to SpaMedica – Referrals, 43 Churchgate, Bolton, BL1 1HU.

Please find below the electronic referral form which includes all of the relevant details.

SpaMedica Direct Referral Form


For patients with a South Warwickshire GP, referrals are sent to Community Health and EyeCare(CHEC) via the CHEC portal.

Please open the link below for all information about CHEC, when to use CHEC and how to use and set-up the CHEC portal.

South Warwickshire Referral Pathway April 2021

Fast Track Referral Pathway for WET AMD /  DMO / RVO 

For Coventry and Rugby patients please refer WETAMD/DMO/RVO patients to UHCW on  

For South Warwickshire patients please refer WETAMD/DMO/RVO patients to Warwick/Stratford eye department (swft) on should you wish to,  rather than using the CHEC portal.

For North Warwickshire patients please refer WETAMD/DMO/RVO patients to CampHill NewMedica on 

Please use the separate referral forms below when emailing via the fast track referral pathway.

WET AMD Fast Track Referral Form

Diabetic Macula Oedema (DMO) Fast Track Referral Form

Retinal Vein Occlusion (RVO) Fast Track Referral Form

SpaMedica Coventry are also accepting fast track referrals for wet amd.  Please use SpaMedica AMD fast-track referral form to refer into SpaMedica. If you would like to refer for cataract extractions and yag laser to SpaMedica, please refer routinely via GP and specify SpaMedica as the provider choice.

UHCW Consultant Connect 

Consultant connect is an advice line which is run by either an optometrist or a consultant. It is NOT used as a referral service. Consultant connect is not the appropriate service for any acute symptoms, for this the eye casualty clinician telephone line or e-referral is the appropriate pathway.

This is a service used if you are unsure of the referral pathway of a patient i.e. Eye Casualty or outpatient clinic.

Please use the link below for the step by step guide about UHCW consultant connect and how to set it up.

CONSULTANT CONNECT step by step guide