Ophthalmology provider contact details Emergency and Urgent

Please note most NHS trusts have a programme to switch off Fax machines early in 2021.  You should only use email to send patient identifiable data.


 For patients requiring emergency (same day) assessment and/or treatment there is a casualty unit at BMEC which serves the whole of Birmingham and the surrounding areas.

Emergency referrals to eye casualty should be made by contacting the eye casualty triage team on:

telephone No 0121 507 4440 between 08.00 and 16.00

The triage team will discuss with you whether the patient should be sent immediately or next day and an appointment time will be offered to the patient. You should give the patient a short written referral letter for them to present on arrival in the eye casualty department.

Casualty is open

Monday to Saturday 09.00 until 19.00

Sunday and bank holidays 09.00 until 18.00.

Outside these hours patients should attend their local hospital casualty department.

Urgent referrals requiring attention within two weeks should be made to the BMEC URGENT CARE CLINIC. Appointments can be arranged by telephone to the above number when the triage nurse will decide whether the patient requires emergency or urgent care. Again a typed referral letter should be given to the patient for presentation to reception when they arrive at the clinic.

NB If referring to Emergency or Urgent Care via Opera following a CUES assessment you still need to telephone the triage nurse and send a referral letter by hand with the patient.


Wet AMD is not an emergency but should be referred, on the same day that you see and diagnose the patient, to a dedicated FAST TRACK Wet AMD clinic where

they should be seen within two weeks of referral. All UHBFT and SWBFT hospitals have a Wet AMD clinic to which referrals should be sent.

BMEC / Sandwell:

email to

or Fax to 0121 507 6726 (tel: 0121 507 6714 to contact coordinator)

UHB Queen Elizabeth

A Wet AMD electronic referral form (editable pdf) is available for completion and submission at: .

You can save the pdf to a safe place on your computer, complete the form electronically, and submit it by Email to

(NB this is not an address but it is all that UHB have provided and asked referrers to use)

or print it off, sign and fax it to

Fax to 0121 <insert>

UHB / Birmingham Heartlands / Good Hope / Solihull Hospitals:

Email to


Fax to: 0121 424 4464 (tel 0121 424 4612 for queries)