Enhanced DBS check


Birmingham LOC has a contract with Cataphract (a DBS umbrella organisation) through which an Enhanced DBS Certificate can be obtained quickly and with minimum fuss. The usual time taken from initial application to receipt of the certificate is two to three weeks.

To obtain an Enhanced DBS certificate in order to work as a retinopathy screener in the Birmingham, Solihull and the Black Country Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service or in order to be included on the NHS England National Ophthalmic Performers List please follow these instructions.

Please go to

Please select Proceed and then proceed.

Complete the form on line and an application notification will be sent to Ian.

You will be required to make a payment of £40.00 (subject to change without notice) in order to complete the transaction so have your debit or credit card ready.

You will also be asked to present your ID documents to me or my designated representative so just email me on and I will make arrangements for that to be done. Because of Covid-19, we can now remotely verify your id via skype/webex etc.

NB Your application cannot proceed until your documentation has been verified. Once verified, Cataphract will send the application to the DBS and when its completed, you will receive an email confirming the date of completion, then the paper certificate in the post.