NHS Mail and access to free PPE

20 August 2020

NHS Mail Applications and access to free PPE for GOS Contractors.

GOS contractors can now access Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) free of charge from the DHSC online PPE Portal. Please note that for purposes of validation, only GOS contracted practices with an NHS mail account can register to receive free PPE through this channel.

NHS Mail Application Process:

If you don’t already have an NHS mail account, NHS England has created a temporary online application process which can be found here: MDDtN5MtALMPHR2CkIDJBvKYSsPysXllUREg1OVdXM1NORE01NzZUSzdRU1NON0VYTSQlQ CN0PWcu

To simplify the process further and ensure that accounts can be set up quickly (applications are currently being processed within 2 weeks), we have deferred the need to complete the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT) until 31 March 2021. On completion of the
online form, Practices will be setup with a shared mail box, plus 2 further NHS mail addresses for which specific Practice Staff members can be nominated.

Practices who already have an NHS Mail Account:

Practices who already have an NHS mail account should still complete the online form to ensure that DHSC have their details and are able to contact them directly with an invitation to register for the online Portal to access free PPE.

Benefits of an NHS Mail Account:

All GOS contracted practices applying for, or registering an existing NHS mail account via the online form will have access to the following benefits:

  • Registration to access Free Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Submit GOS4 Authorisation requests with the NHS Business Services Authority
  • Timely and secure communications from NHS England & NHS Improvement RegionalTeams, NHS Business Services Authority and NHS Digital
  • Future access to Office 365 applications such as Microsoft Forms and MicrosoftTeams (enabling the possibility for contractors to host virtual practice visits from theNHS, reducing the need for physical practice visits to take place on the premises).
  • A Quick and Secure method of submitting confidential documents such as patient referrals, patient records and GOS contractual documents across the NHS.

Locum Clinicians are currently unable to apply for an NHS mail account unless they are GOS contractors. Applying contractors can nominate their Locum Clinicians as Users or Owners of an NHS mail account. Employees (clinical or non-clinical) would have to be nominated as owners of an NHS mail account by the applying contractor.

Registering for the Data Security & Protection Toolkit (DSPT):

The need to complete the DSPT has been deferred until 31 March 2021. However, all contractors will need to register for the DSPT on receipt of their NHS mail account. The registration process is easy to complete and can be found here:

Please note: You will need your ODS code to register for the DSPT.

Ordering free PPE via the online Portal:

On receipt of an NHS mail account via the online form DHSC will contact practices directly to invite them to register for the online Portal to access free supplies of PPE. DHSC have been provided with the estimated usage of PPE for every contractor based on historic volumes of GOS activity, so ordering volumes will be based on those quantities. Please note that DHSC are still in the process of building their stock levels of PPE to meet the anticipated demand, so ordering volumes may be restricted for a short period of time.


Relevant Helplines and email contacts are available via the online form. This can also be accessed using any internet enabled device by entering the following in the address bar: MDDtN5MtALMPHR2CkIDJBvKYSsPysXllUREg1OVdXM1NORE01NzZUSzdRU1NON0VYTSQlQ CN0PWcu or by scanning the QR code below from a Mobile Phone Camera


Guidance on registering for the DSPT can be found here: protection-toolkit/

NHS England & NHS Improvement August 2020

Berkshire LOC Latest News

PCSE issue resolved

The issue which users experienced yesterday whilst accessing PCSE Online has now been resolved, our technical experts will continue to monitor the situation throughout the day. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused.      

19 September 2020

National Eye Health Week

This year’s National Eye Health Week (NEHW) will take place from 21 to 27 September 2020, promoting the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

18 September 2020

Go live date for the new paper GOS forms

As many practices are in the middle of transitioning to the new online GOS claims system, to help make roll outs as smooth as possible, we’ve moved the date for the introduction of new paper forms to 1 November. This means the current paper forms remain in use until Saturday 31 October. You will receive a contingency pack of the new style paper forms in the next few weeks.  …

17 September 2020

OFNC statement – concerns over delays re Covid 19 funding information for practices

OFNC UPDATE: MOUNTING CONCERN OVER DELAYS IN COVID-19 FUNDING INFORMATION FOR OPTICAL PRACTICES IN ENGLAND The OFNC has kept the sector up to date while waiting for NHS England to publish its guidance on ongoing COVID-19 support for optical practices. To our increasing concern and dismay, NHS England is still to confirm its position over …

4 September 2020

Reminder PPE Portal Phase 2 – Registering for NHS mail

This is a reminder that if you have not already done so please register for an NHSmail account.  This is required in order to receive an invitation to register with the portal and subsequently order PPE from it. Please ensure that you have created this account by Wednesday 12th August so you can make use …

10 August 2020

Additional dates for PCSE eGOS training

Please see details of additional dates for PCSE online webinars. Dates/times/links to Sunday sessions below. The first two recordings are also on YouTube:   28 July 30 July    If you subscribe to the You Tube channel you’ll be notified when new recordings are added, plus there are now twelve scenario videos which people are …

6 August 2020

Access to free PPE – update from DHSC

PPE Portal: Phase 2 Healthcare providers can now order additional personal protective equipment (PPE) through the PPE Portal to top up their existing supplies for COVID-19. The Department of Health and Social Care have previously invited GPs, residential care homes, domiciliary care providers and pharmacies to use the PPE Portal. They are now implementing the …

4 August 2020

OFNC Statement on funding 31.07.20

The OFNC is only too aware of the front-line pressures on the sector and we continue to express this urgency in negotiations with NHS England about COVID-19 funding for optical practices, following the end of the first phase funding on 30 June. On 20 July we announced that while these negotiations continue, it had been …

31 July 2020

Urgent and Emergency Eyecare Activity – Repeat Survey

Optometry is playing a crucial role in keeping people safe whilst continuing to deliver essential, urgent and emergency eye care throughout England. Commissioned separately to essential GOS, urgent and emergency care is delivered through extended primary care provision, such as MECS or CUES – the new COVID-19 Urgent eye care service commissioned specifically to ensure …

29 July 2020

PCSE eGOS training – additional dates

Here are the dates for the upcoming Getting started with PCSE Online webinars with some extra information in the paragraph below. The calendar icons below are hyperlinked and will take you straight to the Eventbrite page for you to secure your ticket.                            …

27 July 2020

LOCSU Latest news

Refreshed clinical pathway for People with Learning Disabilities now available

Pathway changes are designed to improve outcomes for this hard-to-reach patient group

18 September 2020